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Basic Teachers Training for Pishin & Zhob

Wednesday, 11 March 2020 22:20
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Basic Teachers Training for the Teacher of Bacha Khan School Zhob and Bacha Khan Barshor Pishin (Balochistan)


Date: March 05, 2020 to March 07, 2020

Venue: BKTEF Head Office

Participants: Managing Director BKTEF Dr. Khadim Hussain, School Support Officer Mr. Adnan Durrani, Assistant Schools Support Officer Ms. Isma Khan, Intern BKTEF Ms. Maria Arouje, and Finance Officer Mr. Sajjad Ahmed, Balochistan focal Peterson Mr. Asif, Mr. Jumma Babar, Mr. Anwar, Mr. Younus, Mr. Humayon Khan, Mr. Boor Muhammad, Mr. Taimoor Shah and Mr. Hassan Tuniwal.

The Bacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation (BKTEF) organized refresher course for the newly appointed teachers of Bacha Khan School Zhob Bacha Khan School Pishin (Balochistan) on March 5th to March 07, 2020. Following agenda points has been discussed briefly:

1. Khudai Khidmatgar Movement

2. Non violence philosophy of Baacha Khan

3. Critical Education Model- Activity Based Learning

4. Child Psychology

5. BKTEF Structure

6. Documentation

All the teachers from Balochistan along with School Support Officer BKTEF Mr. Adnan Durrani also went on a short visit of Bacha Khan School Nauthia and Bacha Khan School Mathra. Principals briefed them on all documentation techniques, class management, administration, children’s psychology, school environment and teaching of critical thinking.

A detailed orientation was given on the critical model of education implemented in all BK Schools. Teaching techniques for activity based learning, child psychology and class management by Dr. Khadim Hussain. Extensive orientation was given on the role of Bacha Khan Schools for social transformation, and Bacha Khan’s narrative of non-violence and how it is adopted at Bacha Khan Schools during the course.

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