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Baacha Khan Schools Principals’ Meeting

Saturday, 07 October 2017 10:29
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Baacha Khan Schools Principals’ Meeting held at BKTEF Directorate

“Every great movement in the world start with a shared purpose that compels people to unite to achieve a common goal. To start a movement and to move it ahead needs a lot of patience, organization and passion. BKTEF started the movement of social transformation through education which is our common purpose that make us united. There is not a single movement or revolution that ran smoothly and succeeded without facing hardships. Every movement faced destitutions and hitches in the form of financial crises and lack of moral support. But with determination and courage, these movements succeeded. Now, it up to us how much we are determined to the cause and how much we are passionate and committed to our goal”, said Dr. Khadim Hussain MD BKTEF in monthly meeting of principals of Baacha Khan School held at Baacha Khan Trust Education Foundation Directorate on October 05, 2017. He added, “For this purpose, we need to find ways and means for self-sustainable income generation implementing innovative ideas in short term, mid-term and long term to sustain and expand the network of Baacha Khan Schools”.

Principals of Baacha Khan Schools proposed ways of feasible sources of income generation for the sustainability of Baacha Khan Schools. The following points were discussed in the meeting and decisions were made collectively:

• Updates of CEC meetings

• Sources of income generation for the sustainability of Baacha Khan Schools

• Marketing of Craft products

• Sharing the visits of Psychological counseling

• Celebration of National and International days mentioned in the academic calendar

The meeting was attended by all principals and senior teachers of Baacha Khan Schools, members of the MD Office, Department of Schools Management, and Field Department, Department of Financial Management, HR Officer, Media Officer and Admin department.

Meeting was ended with a vote of thanks from the MD BKTEF Dr. Khadim Hussain.

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