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Principal’s Meeting held at BKTEF Directorate

Monday, 27 February 2017 22:37
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Baacha Khan Schools Principal’s Meeting held at BKTEF Directorate

The Critical Model of Education of the BKTEF aims to cultivate critical thinking in the students of Baacha Khan Schools. It is our responsibility to implement this model in letter and spirit to reap its benefits for our society. Every graduate of the Baacha Khan School must be able to Participate intelligently in democratic process, apply concepts from science to appreciate their environment and elucidate their interpretations, support opinions that are based on evidence, form opinions about the future of our nation that are informed by our history and culture and other cultures, write fiction, non-fiction, essays, poetry and letters to communicate their thoughts clearly, have the ability to speak in multiple languages, appreciate music, paining, dance, theater, film, television etc., spot racial bias, and learn a physical sport, and cultivate healthy habits with respect to the body,” said Dr. Khadim Hussain in monthly meeting of the principals of Baacha Khan School held at the BKTEF Directorate on February 24, 2017.

During the meeting each principal of Baacha Khan School discussed progress of the school. The discussion included, admission for the year 2017, school furniture, notebooks and dairies, Reading Project, MIS, class 5th Board Exam, HR and Crafts Education.

Moreover, Ms. Gul Sherina (Craft In charge BKTEF), discussed various aspects of Crafts products produced by the Baacha Khan School in her presentation.

Further, Ms. Mehnaz (Principal Baacha Khan School Swat) read a poem written Fazal Rahim Makhfee from Baacha Khan’s Autobiography زما ژوند او جد و جهد /My Life and Struggle.

The meeting was attended by all principals of Baacha Khan Schools, senior teachers of Baacha Khan Schools, School Management Department, HR Department, Admin Department, Field Department and Finance Department, Media Officer, peace activists BKTEF and Research Officer,

Meeting was ended with a vote of thanks from the MD BKTEF Khadim Hussain.

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