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Baacha Khan Schools Principal’s Meeting

Sunday, 01 January 2017 19:19
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Baacha Khan Schools Principal’s Meeting held at BKTEF Directorate

“Respect does not mean to curtail freedom of expression of a student rather it is providing opportunity and space to express freely both in the classroom and outside the classroom. As a teacher and a mentor it is impossible to educate a person without mindful listening. It is a common practice in public and private schools that student are deprived from freedom of expression on the pretext of so called morality, discipline and wrong unscientific pedagogical beliefs. For example, most of the time teachers in schools impose foreign language/s on students in early grades and stops them from expressing themselves in mother tongue. This leads to communication barrier in academic environment and adversely affect intellectual and emotional health of learner. A society cannot make progress with producing intellectually and emotionally dependent citizens. The Critical model of education implemented in Baacha Khan Schools provides opportunity to the students to get primary education in their mother tongue which leads to enhanced and developed critical and creative faculties,” said Dr. Khadim Hussain in monthly meeting of the principals of Baacha Khan School held at the BKTEF Directorate on December 28, 2016.

During the meeting each principal of Baacha Khan School discussed progress of his/her school. The discussion included expansion of arts and crafts, results of second term examination, centralized notebooks, and uniform, plantation and cleanliness campaigns at schools, and celebration of national and international days.

The meeting was attended by all principals of Baacha Khan Schools, senior teachers of Baacha Khan Schools, School Management Department, HR Department, Admin Department, Field Department and Finance Department, Media Officer and Research Officer.

Meeting was ended with a vote of thanks from the MD BKTEF Khadim Hussain.

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